Need to get that certain person (friend, family member, colleague, etc.) a gift, and all you know is they spend a lot of time plugged into their gadgets? Look no further, get them one of these cool tech gifts.

Have someone on your Christmas list who constantly complains about their phone and tablets running out of juice? The Mophie Powerstation is the perfect solution.

These powerstations hold multiple batteries worth of charge – so as long as the charger is juiced up, the gadget lover can charge on-the-go!


A Drone


You can fly it around, take video and photos, and probably also do other stuff with it. I can see these becoming annoying in the near future – but for now they’re still super cool and an awesome gift for a tech lover.


Virtual Reality Head Set

virtual reality head set

Pop your phone in and enjoy 3D videos and games on the head set.

Sugru: All Purpose ‘Fix-It’ Putty

Sugru is a mouldable glue that turns into rubber. Its list of uses is almost endless, but when it comes to gadget lovers – an obvious use is fixing frayed cords and chargers. This stuff comes in a variety of colors and can end up saving lots of money!

Phones are computers, after all, so it makes sense to want access to external drives that can plug into your phone to upload, download, or back up files – just as you would with a laptop.

Thanks to this USB flash drive, you can do just that. This 32GB thumb drive is fitted with both USB and microUSB connections that allow for easy transfers between computers and most Android devices.

This JBL Clip is a small, rechargeable, clip-on bluetooth speaker that allows you to take your music with you, anywhere. It’s easy to use and operate, wearable, performs great and is affordably priced.

Not only does this powerstrip look way cooler than the conventional, its functionality makes it extremely useful! Pivot the positioning of the plugs so it fits the environment, not the other way around.

Cell phones, cameras, computer keyboards, etc. all seem to attract dust and dirty like magnets! Combine this with the fact that gadgets typically don’t mix well with cleaning supplies and water, cleaning them can seem like a nightmare!

Just smoosh the putty into the cracks of keyboards and other electronics, then peel it off. This reusable, cleaning putty works like a charm and instantly picks up dirt and grime.

If you’re buying for a gamer this season – look no further. The Roccat Lua’s affordability, high quality and clean design resulted in it being PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for budget gaming mice.

This sleek, versatile mouse was designed and branded with the gamer crowd in mind; although its versatility and functionality makes it a useful mouse for any desktop computer.

The future, is NOW!

Create three-dimensional plastic drawings with this pen, which releases warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds.

Artists can draw freehand or download blueprints for a variety of sculptures if they are seeking inspiration, such as a 6″-tall Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The designs are traced and then mended together with the 3D pen.

This one is a little pricier than the others gadgets in this board, but … c’mon, this is crazy cool!

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