No one should feel excluded from participating in Halloween. A wheelchair or disability didn’t keep these people from having ass kicking costumes.


1- Ice Cream Truck

Photo from HuffPost


2- Flintstones

Image from Marcy Kent – Flikr


3- DJ

On the wheelz of steel

Photo from


4- Pee Wee Herman

Image from One Eyed Girl


5- Darth Vader Tie Fighter

Image from Flikr



Josh Sundquist always has amazing Halloween costumes

7- Mario Kart

Image from Beyond Measure


8- Wall-E

Image from Teeny Manolo


9- Kiss the Cook


10- Viking Ship

Image from Our Hungry House


11- Beehive


12- Race Car Driver

Image from One Eyed Girl


13- Fire Truck


14- Cinderella

And her baller coach


15- Rabbit in a hat


16- Captain Hook

Image from One Eyed Girl


17- Bull Dozer


18- Pirate Ship


19- Medieval Horse and Rider

Who wants to joust, bitches?!

20- Buzz Lightyear

21- Giraffe


22- Batman and the Batmobile

Image from Beyond Measure


23- Box of kittens


24- Drummer

Buppy and the band


25- Snoopy

Where’s Woodstock?


26- Kayakin’ Kid

27- Hockey Goalie


28- World of Warcraft shaman riding a turtle mount


29- Diver and shark cage

30- Doggy Train

I’ll be damned if I didn’t include a pup

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