Ever since the attacks in Paris, messages offering condolences, love, and support have been pouring in from people all over the world. While everyone is sharing in their pain, one particular group may be able to empathize with the victims a little better, having experienced something tragically similar themselves.

In a video presented by Vox, children who lost their parents in 9/11 offer the victims of the Paris attacks advice and thoughts – not just as individuals who sympathize, but as those who have lived their same horror.

One woman who lost her father in 9/11 says, “You should never be afraid of any terrorist, because I’m telling you, the terrorists are more afraid than you are.”

While countries all over Europe and the U.S. talk about the ‘big picture’ — through debates on how to handle the growing threat of terrorism, this video offers insight and a look into the smaller – and perhaps more important – picture — how to live your life to the fullest while experiencing terrorism, and dealing with personal loss.

“I do believe that it is up to us now, because we know what anger and hatred looks like, and we can’t add to that anymore.”

Watch the video – you won’t regret it.

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    This is how you help fight terrorism <3