This rules! Thanks to a University of Chicago alumnus and his wife, Chicago teens can now visit the Art Institute of Chicago FOR FREE for at least the next 25 years.

The gift comes courtesy of Glenn and Claire Swogger of the Redbud Foundation, a Topeka-based nonprofit, who wanted to open the Art Institute’s doors to Chicago youth at no cost for years to come.

The philanthropic couple with the sweet last name gave the museum an undisclosed gift. Meaning they won’t spill the beans on how much dough they gave, but it had to have been a crap ton.


“We try to find programs that will help people have educational and cultural experiences that will be useful to them and good for society,” Glenn said.

Previously it was only kiddos under the age of 14 who got in for free, but now all Chicagoans under 18 years of age score the free entry. And those over 18, can still visit the museum for free every Thursday from 5 to – 8 p.m.

Cheers to rad people doing great things for Chicago! Kindness is badass.

*Image courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago*

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