02 Feb 2016

Are You Choosing Bad News?: Three Ways to Promote Positivity With Your Clicks

When was the last time you saw genuinely GOOD, inspirational news at the top of the news hour or filling your news feed? As if the winter days aren’t dark enough — Must we spend them bombarded by political ignorance, reality star check-ins, crime, vanity, even darker crime, and even deeper political ignorance? The answer is:…

01 Feb 2016

Homeless Man Uses Square to Accept Credit Cards

As a surprise to myself, a story involving a homeless man who accepts credit cards, did not come from San Francisco… but Detroit. A homeless man in the motor city is attracting nationwide attention after it was revealed that he accepts credit card donations via a Square reader attached to his phone. Abe Hagenston -…

20 Jan 2016

Need to Change Your Facebook Filters?: How to Handle the “Down” Side of Social Media

A few years ago, while tucked in at a coffee shop downtown Chicago, a news crew surprised me with the opportunity to become the focus of an “on-the-street” interview. The story was on “The Facebook Blues,” since a study had come out saying that Facebook was making users depressed, and the question of the day was: Do…

26 Dec 2015

MiFlight: Avoid Airport Aggravation!

How long is the airport security line? Every flyer wants to know. The answer is here. And we're all part of the solution.

04 Jan 2016

New York City Is Replacing Old Phone Booths with Something More Useful

Out with the old and in with the new. For New York (and everywhere they still exist) the old are phone booths, and the new are public access WiFi hubs – something that can benefit millions. The more than 7,500 phone booths across the city will be replaced with LinkNYC’s “access points.” In addition to broadcast…

20 Dec 2015

Last Minute Gifts for Tech and Gadget Lovers

Need to get that certain person (friend, family member, colleague, etc.) a gift, and all you know is they spend a lot of time plugged into their gadgets? Look no further, get them one of these cool tech gifts.

18 Dec 2015

11 Ways to Change the World Without Even Putting on Pants

You’re online all day anyways, so you might as well do something kind that has the power to change the world. The best part is, these things don’t require much effort… or even putting on pants. 1- VOLUNTEER YOUR SKILL Platforms such as Catchafire and Volunteer Match will match your skills with an organization in need.…

09 Dec 2015

Anonymous Declares December 11 ‘ISIS Trolling Day’

Trolls, this is your day. All of your rude, nonsensical comments have been preparing you for December 11. Only this time, your trolling will be for a purpose. And those who have thought trolling seems fun, but didn’t want to be another asshole on the internet – well, this day if for you, too. The best…