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In addition to providing a hilarious medium to demonstrate the depths of your witty and/or scummy mind, Cards Against Humanity is also awesome because it was created under a Creative Commons license making it so anyone could print out their own copy of the game. As you’d expect, all that printing and cutting was sort of a pain so most people forked over the dough and purchased the game.

But now, it’s also been turned it into an online browser-based web app, cleverly called Cards Against Originality. So, you can save the trees and some green, and play against your friends via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Gather your friends and have everyone whip out their tech device of choice. One player sets up a new game and sends a custom link to the other players. Note that all friends have to be in same room, or at least within ear shot of one another. So, you can’t be completely anti-social with the game … yet.

Lame house parties and boring nights at home with your roommates will never be the same.


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