I love Canadians.

A badass 18-year-old is just one of the latest examples of Canadian kindness. During a blizzard in Manitoba, Eileen Eagle Bears (who possibly has the greatest name ever) was warm and dry in her home when highway cameras showed a trucker stuck in the snow.

But instead of just watching and thinking “oh that sucks!” she decided to do something about it. Eileen hopped on her horse and trekked two and half miles – then some distance on foot due to the ice – to deliver a thermos of hot coffee to the stranded trucker.

After spending one night in his truck, Peter, the stranded canuck, was very appreciative to wake up to the following morning to a pot of hot coffee. Then later that day Eileen returned again to give Peter water and a thermos of stew.


Peter was eventually towed, but says he was shocked that Eileen underwent so much trouble just to help him out.

“She had to walk that horse half a mile up that hill and half a mile down because it was so icy. Blew me away,” Douglas told CTV. “She said she saw me on the camera. Her and her family were watching.”

Whoa, Canada. Seriously I love you…

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