SeaWorld sucks – so I find immense joy in witnessing other people (and government) finally coming to same conclusion. But even more so, I’m thrilled that orcas are finally starting to get some damn respect.

California governor Jerry Brown signed a law banning theme parks and other organizations in California from breeding orcas and using them in entertainment performances.

So starting in June 2017, killer whales in captivity can be used only for “educational presentations.” What the hell that means, I don’t know. But the law makes exceptions for scientific and educational institutions that are researching or rehabilitating the creatures.

The provision was part of a budget-related bill recently sent to Brown’s desk.

In March, SeaWorld said they would stop breeding orcas. The company plans to focus instead on the educational opportunities with its existing whales.

So we’re finally seeing progress.

Let’s keep this shit up!

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