In this series, I highlight a particular option for giving that requires little or no actual money. Perfect for those Living Beautifully on a Budget!

Be ‘The Help,’ for Free 

Do you have an overworked friend or family member who is hosting a party, a shower, a meeting, a book club, etc.? Give them the gift of saving their sanity and the event, by donating your services as ‘the help.’

If this gift is given in leu of something tangible, give the recipient a handwritten note or card and inscribe how your services will be of use.

Examples of ‘the help’ include:

  • Bartender
  • Caterer
  • Decorator
  • Introducer
  • Party Starter (are you always the one to get people dancing or talking?)
  • Coat Check
  • Guest List Organizer
  • General Task Runner
  • Clean Up

Hosting an event is draining, and extremely stressful. The gift recipient will appreciate anything you can do to help lighten their load of organizing and throwing a successful bash. Plus, offering to take on someone’s stress is a true sign of friendship, and a terrific gift!

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Kinda Kind

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