Everyone loves a superhero, but the problem with most superhero stories is the lack of diversity. Writer Dennis Liu and illustrator Jason Piperberg decided to do something about that and create a new kind of comic book, one centered around a “young boy with superpowers” and his brave and powerful single mom.

Called Raising Dion, the comic focuses on Nicole, a widowed mother, and the challenges of bringing up her seven-year-old son Dion and teaching him to use his superpowers for good. Being a single mother is never easy, but having a son who can teleport, become invisible in an instant and use telekinesis to move objects takes it to a whole new level.

Liu explains that he was interested in more than just the protagonist’s powers. While Nicole, the mother, doesn’t have the class super powers, she’s just as powerful as her son due to her great responsibility. Superheroes aren’t always born “moral,” it takes a great parent or role model to teach them how to use their powers for good. Liu told Fusion, “If these key parental figures did not raise these superheroes correctly, then who knows what Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne would have become … Parents instill a value system.” Damn straight! Finally the important role that parents, especially single parents, play is being represented in such an awesome way. It takes a true badass to raise a superhero.

As you can see from the trailer, the story comes from two places – the boy’s eyes and his mother’s.

Download the first issue or order a hardcopy of it here.

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