Just the other evening, I could feel the temperature take a sharp dip. Typically, the average person would not be excited about weather starting to chill. For the sports fanatic, the chill represents the approach of football season. College students will be lining the streets indulging in their favorite beverage before their proud university takes on a hated rival. Families, party animals, and everyone else in between will grill dogs, steaks and whatever other food possible waiting to get into their professional football team’s stadium. Football season brings out passion among others and often leads to some bad feelings and habits. Here are just a few things to keep in mind before our proud American tradition kicks off:

1)  Don’t take the result to heart.

This was the biggest fault I had as a youngster. Whenever my team lost, my day and week would ultimately be ruined. My friends who pulled for the other team would walk around with their head high and smack talk flowing free from their mouth. As I have aged slightly (yikes, already 30!), I do my best not to take things so hard. Yes, I get fired up in the build-up for the game. And yes, it does suck when my team falls short (which, has been happening a ton lately). At the end of the day, sports are just that. Entertainment for us.

2) Be smart about your drinking.

Especially for you college youngsters out there. It’s so easy to accept drinks from everyone around you and end up passing out an hour before the game starts. Take it slow, enjoy the experience and your time with friends. Going hard ends up causing a bad experience.

3) Don’t treat the other rival like crap.

If you happen to be in the stadium and you encounter fans in opposing gear, try to not be a total tool in their face. I had an experience where I went to another stadium simply wearing my jersey. People got in my face, kids cussed me out, anything you can think of. We are all people trying to have a good time, making their life hell is not good for anyone.

With those in mind, go out there and have fun with the football season! It comes and goes way too fast!

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