More than 150, recently settled Syrian refugees have just received their first dental consultation since emigrating from overseas — all 100% free of charge.

Obviously this happened in Canada. Whoa, Canada!

How did it happen?

Well, roughly 30 different Montreal dentists and hygienists in Ville Saint-Laurent offered up their services this past weekend to all of the Syrians who have been unable to afford a dental check-up since their arrival to the country.

In addition to the weekend’s dental work, any refugees who require a follow-up visit will not be charged when they return.

The session was spearheaded by Syrian orthodontist Dr. Ayan Chamma in collaboration with the Red Cross and volunteers from John Abbott College. Dr. Ayan instigated the event as a means of helping his native people who have struggled in adjusting to Canadian citizenship since their emigration. Also, he’s clearly just a kind badass.

Good looking out.

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