The holiday season has come-and-gone, and shops all-around are already filling their store windows with decorative hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day. This Hallmark-corporate-driven holiday has prompted all of us to think about our significant others, romantic partners or sometimes acts as a cursed-reminder that some of us are still very-much single. Holiday-or-not, don’t let the giving and caring spirit that comes with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday to disappear!

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of kindness.

Inspired by this Upworthy article, I challenge you to perform 14 Random Acts of Kindness every day in February until Valentine’s Day to keep the spirit of kindness and love alive. Follow the list below or make your own. Bringing a little kindness into the world will help make it a more beautiful and loving place.

  1. Donate new children’s books to places that need it the most
  2. Make an effort to find unused items in your closets and drawers and donate them to a local shelter or charity organization.
  3. Let someone go in front of you in line.
  4. Help a senior citizen with their groceries.
  5. Bake someone a cake or any baked goods!
  6. Pay someone’s toll.
  7. Make time for silly! Surprise your friends, co-workers, or classmates with bubbles.
  8. Read to the elderly.
  9. Listen to the stories from your grandparents.
  10. Thank your mail carrier, waste collector, teacher, boss, doctor, nurse—anyone who needs appreciation!
  11. Host a Toy Drive!
  12. Be generous with compliments.
  13. Help someone with a task or chore for free.
  14. Show love and appreciation to your family, friends, and loved ones in your life.

For more ideas and even a little inspiration, visit:

Have fun and be kind!

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Terri Le

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